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The Basque Government hosts a participatory forum to design its Climate Change strategy

2015 March 25
  • Technology centres, university and socio-economic stakeholders have given their input on how to tackle climate change in the Basque Country

 The Basque Government’s Ministry for the Environment and Territorial Policy has today gathered together in Bilbao over thirty representatives of the territory's main economic and social organisations, in order to discuss and provide input that will help to design the Basque Climate Change Strategy for the Basque Country.

This strategy, which envisages a timeframe for action up to 2050, is currently in its public consultation stage and is expected to be approved before the summer. Its objectives include integrating the mitigation measures and adapting to climate change in public planning and the exemplary action by the authorities to advance in the transformation towards a low-carbon society.

“Even though the Basque Country’s contribution is only 0.5% of the emissions of all of Europe, it is important to continue backing the international endeavours and to establish a strategy that marks our future way, both to reduced emissions and to adapt to the impacts of climate change,” explained Amaia Barredo, Environmental Planning and Natural Environment Director of the Basque Government.

The draft of the strategy focuses on taking into account local knowledge about climate change when making decisions, along with supporting innovation and technology development that will allow greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced in all sectors, which will make the territory less vulnerable to climate change.

The need to foster the co-responsibility of all the stakeholders of Basque society in the mitigation and adaptation actions is also contemplated. “The Basque Country has had the Basque Plan to Combat Climate Change 2008-2012, a groundbreaking plan that started a joint way; we are now embarking on a new stage to continue advancing,” added the Environmental Planning and Natural Environment Director.


Paris COP


One of the most important climate-related events worldwide will be held in Paris from 30 November to 11 December. It is the Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, better known as the COP, which will hold its 21st meeting and it is hoped that it will end with an international agreement in keeping with the consensus that led to the Kyoto Protocol at the time.

“The aim to be present at the Paris summit with the Basque Climate Change Strategy 2050 approved.  Therefore, this collaborative work area is essential to define the vision and the main lines of action to be included in the Strategy," stressed Amaia Barredo..

 The main objective of the Paris COP 21 is to lay the foundation to progress towards low-carbon economies and societies in order to keep global warming under 2 ºC.






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