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Michael Cramer sees in Foronda airport “the development of the European Atlantic railway corridor as a sustainable means of transport and action against climate change”

2015 March 19
    • Gasteiz-Foronda aireportuan: “Trenbide-lasterkari      atlantiko europarraren garapena garraio iraunkorra da… eta klima      aldaketaren aurkako eragin bat da”


    • The      chair of the European Parliament's Transport committee leads a visit by a      delegation from Brussels


    Twenty members of the European Parliament's Transport committee who are currently visiting the Basque Country visited today the installations of the Vitoria-Foronda Airport accompanied by its director, Begoña Llarena and by the Basque Government's Minister for the Environment and Regional Policy, Ana Oregi.


    The chair of the delegation from Brussels, German Michael Cramer, from the Greens group, highlighted the need for Europe to develop the Atlantic railway corridor, in which the Basque Country plays a fundamental role, as soon as possible, backing a sustainable transport model as a tool in the fight against climate change.


    Among other Basque MEPs in the delegation were Izaskun Bilbao and Eider Gardiazabal. Inside the Vitoria/Foronda control tower, the members of several Italian, German, French, Spanish and Finnish political parties learned about the airport cargo transport and the intermodality offered by the industrial parks of Jundiz and Arasur in Alava. The group also visited the Old Cathedral in Vitoria-Gasteiz accompanied by Juan Ignacio Lasagabaster.


    • Audio      of Michael Cramer and his translator
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