The Basque Government advocates at the Scottish Parliament for internationalisation as a tool to generate jobs and kick start the economy

2015 February 19

The Basque Government’s Secretary for External Action was invited by the Scottish Parliament to provide an overview of the Basque Country’s external policy.

The General Secretary for External Action, Marian Elorza, spoke to the Scottish Parliament advocating for internationalisation as a nation-building strategy and an inevitable challenge, as well as being a tool to kick-start the economy and generate jobs. At the invitation of the Scottish Parliament, the Basque Government’s representative today appeared before the Scottish Parliament’s European and External Relations Committee and outline the Internationalisation Framework Strategy approved by the Basque Government last April.

The invitation was issued by the Scottish Parliament in order to learn about the internationalisation policies of the Basque Country, Catalonia and Flanders, considered to be strategic regions, as part of a study that it is conducting on the international stance of the Scottish Government.  

During her speech, the Basque politician presented the Basque Government’s external action road map, which is based on the Basque Country Strategy and whose goals are to: showcase the Basque Country abroad, position it globally and intensify its international presence.

Marian Elorza stressed that the Basque Country is committed to promoting and driving sectoral interests outside the Basque Country.  She pointed out that the external activity is focused on detecting opportunities and opening doors, along with strengthening the capacity of the organisations and socio-economic stakeholders so that they can work on international markets.

At another point of her speech to the Scottish Parliament, she referred to the relations with Europe and stressed that the Basque Government’s goal is for the Basque Country to have its own space in the European Union.  She also called for the active participation of Basque institutions in those community forums which take decisions that affect the self-government of the Basque Country, as well as in the shaping of Basque policies in areas that are the competence of the Basque Country.

Marian Elorza explained that knowledge capture is another of the objectives of the Basque external policy.  This aspect involves consolidating relations with countries or regions that are innovative benchmarks in different areas, in order to learn about their best practices and adapt and improve public policies.

The Basque Government’s representative ended by identifying the territories considered to be priority and preferential for Basque interests, both due to their innovative capacity and to the opportunities that they offer to Basque markets.

In Europe, apart from the EU, she stressed that the focus was on the Scandinavian countries, as they are home to systems with high standards of social welfare, and on Germany, France and the United Kingdom, as the main markets of the Basque Country are located here.

In the Americas, she highlighted the United States as it is where a significant number of Basque companies are located, and Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Peru for the export opportunities that they offer.

Korea, Singapore, India and China are priority countries in Asia given the huge potential of their markets and the South African Republic in Africa.


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