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The Lehendakari opens the new Bahía de Bizkaia gas tank

2015 January 21
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Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu, the Basque Premier, and Minister Arantxa Tapia this morning were at the ceremony to open the new Bahía de Bizkaia Gas –BBG gas storage tank, along with the Enagás CEO, Antonio Llardén. According to the Lehendakari, this extension is "a new step forward” towards a Basque energy policy that is advancing towards the sustainable growth of the Basque Country by "safely and efficiently" supplying natural gas to industry and to the business and household sectors.

The new liquid natural gas tank has a total storage capacity of 450,000 cubic metres and has involved an investment of 130 million euros. This facility consolidates the Basque Country's strategic position as the main point of entry of Liquid Natural Gas along the Atlantic corridor. 

Urkullu stressed that the Basque energy structure has radically changed in the last 30 years as natural gas consumption has risen from 1% then to the current figure of 38%. These figures show the decades of commitment to a sustainable model based on source diversification and promoting renewable energies. As the Lehendakari recalled, Bahía Bizkaia Gas was thus set up to consolidate the Basque gas supply system and guarantee that natural gas would reach all homes, thus reducing the weight of oil derivatives and backing cleaner and more accessible energy.  The investment in this new tank is proof, according to Lehendakari Urkullu, of the Basque Government’s commitment to this Basque energy policy.

After three years of work on the third BBG storage tank, the open ceremony was held today with the presence of the CEO of the company, Juan Andrés Diputación, the Enagás CEO, Antonio Llarden, and a wide institutional representation of the Basque Parliament and Bizkaia Provincial Council. 


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