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The Irekia podcast is now on iTunes

2010 June 15

The Irekia podcast takes the top spot in the list of video podcasts in the iTunes Music Store

Irekia has arrived on iTunes. Starting this week, all of the multimedia content that appears on the Irekia web page can be consulted and downloaded via iTunes, to be listened to or watched from any computer or from mobile devices such as the iPhone or iPad. This new application is an example of the reuse of the multimedia content generated on Irekia, which allows for completely automatic access to the page's audio and video from different devices: web, mobile phones, iPad, and now in podcast format. In the days following its launch, the Irekia podcast has managed to reach the top of the list of video podcasts for governments and institutions in the iTunes Store. And it occupies the 22nd position in the overall ranking of this, the most important program for sharing audio and video on the market.

iTunes is an application by the North American company Apple which allows its users to play and buy music, videos, films, games, audio books, etc.

To subscribe to the Podcast you need to create an account in this application, although it is also possible to watch the videos on the web page without subscribing.
Addresses of the Irekia video podcast:

Irekia on iTunes:

Irekia outside iTunes:
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Browsing Irekia via iPhone and Android
New Irekia app for the iPad

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