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The Basque Government explains its open data system at the PSI Meeting 2010, an international meeting organised by the Aporta Project

2010 June 9

The PSI Meeting 2010. 'Realising the Value of Public Sector Information' was held today in Madrid.

This is an international meeting organised by the Aporta Project and ePSI Platform to analyse the economic impact and social benefits of the reutilisation of public sector information. Alberto Ortiz de Zarate, Director of the Public Enquiries Department, represented the Basque Government at the roundtable on "European Strategies in respect of the Information Society. Good practices to take advantage of the economic potential of the re-utilisation of information in the public sector".

Alberto Ortiz de Zarate shared his experience with experts in this field from the United Kingdom, Denmark and France.

Ortiz de Zarate presented the Open Data Euskadi project, an example of the government's initiative of opening public data for re-utilisation, in line with its intention of putting into practice the principles of Open Government. The two fundamental aims of this project are as follows: promote local innovation and the creation of wealth, and establish the basis for democratic transparency.


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