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The Basque Government and the State of Querétaro sign a cooperation agreement for tourism, research, cultural, educational and business projects

2014 October 28

Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu, the Basque Premier, and the Governor of the State of Querétaro (Mexico), José Eduardo Calzada, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to consolidate bilateral relations between the Basque Government and the Government of Querétaro. 

During the ceremony, Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu expressed the Basque Government’s determination to delve further into those areas. “Today, we have signed an agreement between Querétaro and the Basque Country,” he explained. “We have already been working together on specific projects for some years now. This partnership has today become more relevant as we have paved the way for the future, consolidating what has already been done, and opening up the way for new opportunities,” he added. The Governor also stressed the future opportunities created by this agreement and which will strengthen the ties between the two communities. 

The Lehendakari also stressed that Querétaro is a priority region in the Basque Country strategy and that thanks to this agreement, the Basque Country is taking a further step in its internationalisation.  At the same time, the Basque Country is now the preferential gateway for Mexico into Europe. 

This agreement, signed in the institutional seat of the Government of Querétaro during Lehendakari Urkullu’s official trip to Mexico, established six specific areas of cooperation:

  1. Trade, investment and business The aim is to stimulate economic relations and business development, particularly in the automotive, aerospace, household appliances and electronics, software and information technologies, renewable energies and energy efficiency, and machine tool sectors. The agreement therefore envisaged government and business promotion meetings.
  2. Research, Development and Innovation. The parties will work together in this area to develop the defined priorities. The emphasis will be on cooperation projects in the field of technology transformation.
  3. Traditions and cultural promotion The relationship between the Etxepare Institute and the Querétaro Institute of Culture and Arts will be consolidated to work on projects involving music, films, the audio visual sector and arts and crafts. 
  4. Education. Academic exchanges and joint activities will be organised. There will be a close partnership with the Mondragon-UCO University, the first internationalisation experience in the educational field in the Basque Country, for this future knowledge transfer.  
  5. Social wellbeing. The parties will exchange experiences in the areas gender equality, environmental and social policies. 
  6. Tourism. The parties will promote both countries as tourist destinations and on a competitive footing. 

The meeting with the Governor of the State of Querétaro and the signing of the Agreement was the first meeting of the Lehendakari’s political agenda for his official trip to Mexico. He had earlier met with nearly 40 Basque companies operating in three Mexican States, including Querétaro, and had opened the new Mondragon-UCO Universiyt.  

On the other hand, the Lehendakari will today visit the Aernnova plants in Querétaro and will attend the international Mexico Business Summit, where he will give a speech along with various Mexican Governors. 

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    2014 October 28

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    2014 October 28

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