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The Lehendakari opens the Mondragón-UCO University in Querétaro

2014 October 27

Urkullu stresses that the new university is a milestone in the internationalisation of the Basque Country

On the first day of his institutional trip to Mexico, the Lehendakari opened the Mondragón-UCO University in Querétaro, which is the result of the agreement between Mondragón Educación Internacional-MEI and the Contemporary University of Querétaro.  The Chancellor of Mondragón Unibertsitatea, Iosu Zabala, and representatives of Basque companies based locally, were at the ceremony, along with students of the new campus and their families.

Urkullu pointed out that the opening of the new university was a milestone in the internationalisation of the Basque Country and opens up a new door, that of international implementation of the educational world by means of promoting or managing higher education institutions abroad.  He stressed that he was convinced that this Basque-Mexican partnership would lead to mutual understanding and to improving the respective education systems. 

Value-based model

The Lehendakari referred to the Mondragón model as a genuine training model, which is based on the tie between the university and enterprise and which fosters the practical training of the students to ensure their employability.  “A humanist, value-based model, where people are the centre of its cultural and educational project, a philosophy that I fully share," he pointed out.

He also explained that this strategic agreement with the Contemporary University of Querétaro opens up an “innovative door”, which will help to promote the Basque Country brand around the world.  “We are a small country,” he explained during his speech, “and reaching out abroad has always been part of our history and our being".

“We are now closer and more committed to a project that unites us through the all-round training of young people,” he concluded.

Trilingual signage

The new campus is in Ciudad Maderas, near to Querétaro’s main industrial parks, with the precise aim of facilitating studying with traineeships. This will ensure practical training that helps the students to gain work experience. 

The subjects available at the new university – where the signs are in Basque, Spanish and English – include international subjects taught in class and on line from other university, which will ensure the students are ready to compete anywhere in the world. Furthermore, its educational model, one-of-a-kind in Mexico, provides all students with the opportunity of exchanges with Mondragón Unibertsitatea and other universities where an agreement is in place.  The students can also opt for a  two-year traineeship in a company with academic mentoring or to incubate their own company thanks to the entrepreneurial model.

 The university currently has around 500 students and foresees reaching around 4,000 students by 2019.  Those students can choose from more than a dozen long-cycle and engineering degrees, ranging from Law, International Business or Administration, to Energy and Mecatronics, without forgetting Multimedia Graphic Design and Gastronomy. Engineering degrees in IT and Industrial Design will be added in the coming years.


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