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Basque Culinary Center signs an agreement with Ecuador to study, innovate and promote the culinary heritage of the Andean country

2014 October 22

The Basque Government witnessed this alliance which is going to lead to the setting up of a chair and a specific department with lines of work to study the products and culinary heritage of Ecuador.

The agreement was signed this morning at the  Basque Culinary Center by its director, Joxe Mari Aizega, and the Ecuadorian Ambassador to Spain, Miguel Calahorrano Camino, in the presence of the Basque Government’s Head of Food Policy and Quality,  Peli Manterola.

This agreement includes establishing the Ecuador Chair:  tradition and flavours.  Its aim is to research the development of Ecuatorian cuisine and analyse its relationship with the new trends in Spain and internationally.

The setting up of the Chair will also involve a programme of  Basque Culinary Center study grants for Ecuadorian citizens to take professional specialisation courses in order to perfect their culinary or cutting-edge techniques.

A specific department is also going to be created with lines of work to study the products and cuisine of the Andean country.

Nowadays, Ecuador is one of the countries of the world with the greatest geographical, biological and cultural diversity.  Consequently, it has a multi-faceted culinary heritage embracing the European and native culture.

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