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Representatives of the two award-winning entities in Effective Public Management are in the Basque Country to showcase their experiences

2014 October 20

The Organisation of American States (OAS) invited the Basque Government to take part in the Innovation for Effective Public Management initiative, embodied in the PIGEP 2013 Award, whose prize-giving ceremony was held in Panama in March. The Basque Government then showcased in Panama its initiatives regarding transparency and participation in public policy.

The Basque Government entered into a cooperation framework with the OAS so that the four award-wining entities could share and disseminate their initiative and projects in the Basque Country.

Two of them are in the Basque Country this week: Luis Fernando Graham Velver, General Coordinator of the Municipal Planning Institute of Puebla City Council (Mexico) and Pablo A. Ruidiaz, Director of Internet, Inclusion and Mobility of the National Authority for Governmental Innovation (AIG) in Panama.

Their crammed agenda for this week began with a meeting this morning at the Lehendakaritza (Basque Premier’s Office), with Marian Elorza, General Secretary for External Action, Javier Bikandi, Director for Citizen Advice and Innovation and Improvement of the Administration, Luis Petrikorena, Open Government Director, and Estibaliz Urcelay, External Relations Technician.

Both of the visitors then presented their winning projects.

Presentation of the Mexican Innovative Experience

The Municipal Performance Assessment System (SEDEM) project has been running for nine years, through three administrations, under two different parties.

The SEDEM operating base is currently in the recently-created Puebla Municipal Planning Institute in Puebla State. Over that time, this system has undergone institutional consolidation stages that have allowed it to be become an essential support tool to monitor the plans, programmes and projects of the premises and entities of the municipal government.  It identifies achievements, deficiencies and areas of opportunity to efficiently underpin continuous improvement in management and create condition to satisfy grassroots needs and demands in the Municipality of Puebla, as well as contributing to accountability and transparency.

Presentation of the Panama Innovative Experience

The National Internet Network (RNI) - Internet for All project seeks to bring free-of-charge and easy-access wireless connectively to the whole country. The Government aims to get the general public involved and taking part in the use of Information and Communication Technologies to develop and join the knowledge society. In short, the aim is to increase Internet access, provide a digital platform to boost SME competitiveness and inclusion in the formal economy, equal opportunities, foster education and open the way to knowledge and reduce the digital divide.

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Politicians attending the event
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Other guests
  • Pablo A. Ruidiaz , director de Internet, Inclusión y Movilidad de la Autoridad Nacional para la Innovación Gubernamental de Panamá, y Luis Fernando Graham Velver, coordinador general del Instituto Municipal de Planeación de Puebla