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Pilar Unzalu sets out a number of Basque Country initiatives to the Climate Group in Bonn

2010 June 2

Bonn (Germany), June 2. The Minister for the Environment, Regional Planning, Agriculture and Fisheries, Pilar Unzalu, set out in Bonn a number of initiatives promoted by the Basque Government to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. These include the working document of the government White Paper on Climate Change, as well as other proposals for sustainable mobility and renewable energy.

The Basque Government today joined the Climate Group, a movement that works in the area of climate change based on public/private collaboration, set up in order to share experiences in regional policies to combat climate change.

Pilar Unzalu, who travelled to Bonn in the company of the Deputy Minister for the Environment, Nieves Teran, and the director of Environmental Planning, Francisco Olarreaga, expressed her conviction that "the commitment to entities, institutions and companies who are researching, developing or applying low carbon technologies is one of the pillars on which an efficient public policy of measures against climate change must be based".

At the meeting, the Minister explained the steps being taken by the Basque Government to draw up the government White Paper on Climate Change. After receiving the contributions of other institutions and social agents, the White Paper will be drawn up as an articulated text to be referred to Parliament during the last quarter of 2010.

"This law sets out to be an instrument designed to bring about changes in the Basque economy and society to move towards a less intensive, more technologically advanced, more competitive and job-creating carbon model. It will regulate the distribution of powers in matters relating to climate change, the criteria and objectives for its mitigation and adaptation, and will increase social awareness and the information available on this global problem", she said.

She also described a further set of initiatives currently being promoted in the Basque Country relating to a reduction in CO2 emissions (electric cars, promoting the railway and the cross-border logistics node), to energy (wind, thermoelectric, geothermia or wave power), and the custody of the region.

The forum approved the Bonn Declaration, whereby delegates recognised the importance of regions in the struggle against climate change as it is estimated that between 50 and 80% of the measures to reduce greenhouse gases will be adopted at a regional level. Likewise, the signatory countries to the Framework Agreement of the United Nations on Climate Change (CMNUCC) were urged to draw up a formal agreement to limit global warming.

Before making her presentation, Pilar Unzalu had an interview with the Welsh Minister for the Environment, Jane Davidson, to discuss the impact of the crisis on the reduction in CO2 emissions, the importance of maintaining the dynamism of regions and the need to establish channels of collaboration between the Climate Group and other forums such as the nrg4SD network.

The Basque Government was co-founder of the nrg4SD network and is a permanent member of its Executive committee. It also takes part in the European Regions Conference for the Environment (ENCORE) and the sessions of the Regions Committee of the European Union.

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