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A number of experts meeting in Bilbao propose to integrate technology throughout the tourist lifecycle in order to promote the sector

2010 June 3

More than 200 professionals from the tourism sector took part in the Innovattur Forum.
The combination of a number of different channels -search engines, portals, video, social networking and mobile marketing- are key factors in the promotion of a tourist destination.

Bilbao, June 2, 2010.- Experts meeting at the Innovattur Forum, held today in Bilbao, agree that the use of the new technologies throughout the life cycle of tourists will contribute significantly to the promotion of the tourist industry.

Technological solutions must be designed by and for tourists, for their convenience, for their enjoyment and of course to allow them to access information. During the different stages of the lifecycle of the tourist trip - choosing the destination, shopping, experiences at the destination and pre- and post-trip, technology must be made available to users in order to impress, prescribe, attract, market, recommend and inform.

The Innovattur Forum, organised by the State Company for Innovation Management and Tourism Technologies (SEGITTUR), the Tourist Department of the Basque Government and the Fundetec Foundation, aims to become a reference model and meeting point for tourism, innovation and the new technologies.

During her inaugural speech, the Deputy Minister of Commerce and Tourism, Pilar Zorrilla, declared that "it cannot be denied that the tourist sector is changing" and emphasised that "innovation is not limited only to great ideas that transform the market. We are all capable of innovating".

The President of Segittur, Javier Bustamante, declared that it is essential to foster innovation as a differentiating element in a number of different tourism-related fields, in order to make this sector more and more competitive and sustainable.

The president of Fundetec, Helena Herrero, recalled that the tourism sector represents more than 10% of Spanish GDP, and thanks to the ICTs, processes such as marketing offers, occupation management, invoicing and accountancy can be managed automatically, providing companies with greater control over their business and allowing them to face up to new challenges and new markets.

The director of BCulinary, Joxe Mari Aizega, explained that the Basque Culinary Centre places innovation at the service of gastronomy.

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