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The Lehendakari receives delegates from the Senate of the State of California

2014 September 17

Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu, the Basque Premier, today met with members of the California State Senate (USA) who are visiting the Basque Country to learn about its economic and political situation for themselves. The meeting took place at the Lehendakaritza, the Basque Premier’s office, at midday.

The US delegation had earlier met with the Minister for the Environment and Territorial Policy, Ana Oregi, in Lakua. Oregi explained to a delegation from the US California State Senate that met with her in the offices of the autonomous government in Lakua, the steps that are being taken in the Basque Country to construct the new Atlantic transport and communication corridor in the south-west of the European Union and for the environmental recovery to reduce the impact of climate change.
Headed by Ricardo Lara, the State Senator for Southeast district of Los Angeles and leader of the delegation,   the representatives of the Sacramento Parliament -  Sacramento Marty Block, Ellen M. Corbett, Loni Hancock, Hanna-Beth Jackson,  Carol Liu, Norma J. Torres  and Ezilda Samoville – enquired about the steps being taken in the Basque Country to update its transport network.  They also asked about the importance of its logistic hub as a gateway to mainland Europe from the ports of Bilbao and Pasaia, the airports and the rail and road networks.
Oregi explained to the US delegation the importance of the Basque infrastructures and industries within the European Atlantic corridor and the need for its environmental and sustainable component to prevent and reduce the impact of climate change. California is the most populated state of the USA with 42 million inhabitants and it is the third largest by area.
After the meeting, Oregi and the US delegation travelled to the Basque Parliament onboard the Euskotren tram.


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