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2010 May 18

As requested by the Minister for Labour and Social Affairs, the Cabinet has approved the official schedule of public holidays in the Basque Autonomous Community for 2011.

In application of State legislation, during 2011, every Sunday in the year and the following days will be considered to be public holidays:

-  January 1, New Year's Day.

-  January 6, Twelfth Night.

- April 21, Maundy Thursday.

- April 22, Good Friday.

- April 25, Easter Monday.

- July 25, St James' Day.

- August 15, Assumption Day

- October 12, Spain's National Day.

- October 25, National Day of the Basque Country-Euskadiko Eguna

-  November 1, All Saints Day.

-  December 6, Spanish Constitution Day.

-  December 8, Immaculate Conception.

In 2011, up to 2 paid, non-recoverable days will be taken for local festivities, established by the Regional Delegates of the Labour and Social Affairs Department, at the proposal of the corresponding Town Halls in plenary session. These may or may not be common to the different municipalities in each province.

Town Halls shall present their proposals and send these to the corresponding Regional Delegation within a period of one month to be counted as of the date following the publication date of this calendar in the Official Government Gazette.

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