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Oregi outlines Basque territorial management of urban-rural harmonisation for the Jiangsu Province Vice Chairman, Fan Yanqing

2014 May 12

China wants to prevent the potential environmental impact by non-regulated industry 

The Minister for the Environment and Land Policy of the Basque Country, Ana Oregi, met the Chinese delegation from Jiangsu province visiting the Basque Country, this afternoon and explained how the land-use planning and approach in the Basque Country is organised by urban and land-use planning.  “We have outlined the purpose of the Land-use Planning of the Basque Country and the Land and Town Planning legislation, along with the Land-use Directives, the Sectoral and Partial Territorial Plans and the initiatives that we are promoting as regards landscape,” explained the Minister, together with Izaskun Iriarte, the Deputy Minister for Territorial Policy, and Josean Galera, Deputy Minister for the Environment.

Oregi also enquired about the situation in Jiangsu with its 67 million inhabitants and whose main industries are electronics, telecommunications, textile, chemicals, machining, construction, and metallurgy sectors, with agriculture production based on rice grown in the River Yangtze delta and wheat, sorghum, corn, cotton, sesame and peanut crops. The province also has natural gas, oil and coal fields, together with a strong business structure with nearly 912,000 private companies.

“Logically, the situations are completely different,” Oregi explained, who stressed to the Jiangsu representatives the differences that exist between the urban and rural worlds of that large Chinese region, “something that no longer occurs here as the integration between both occurs in a natural and measured way.

The Jiangsu delegation also expressed their interest in the environmental correction and prevention measures that the Basque Country, following the course set by the European Union, is implementing, given that the industrial growth occurring throughout China is not always part of effective legislation.

Alongside Fan Yanqing, from the Jiangsu Government,   Zhang Ji, from the Jiangsu Political Consultative Conference, Cai Jianguo., from the Jiangsu Foreign Affairs, Cai Xisheng, Jin Chuanxing,  Tang Qingqing and Tong Qing, are visiting the Basque Country
Fan Yanqing is Deputy Chairman and member of the Jiangsu CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) and delegate of the 17th National Congress and member of the 10th National Popular Congress. . 

On 11 December 2012, an Environmental seminar, organised by the SPRI and the ALCIMA cluster, was held in Bilbao with Jiangsu companies interested in the sector. The aim was to establish the situation of the environment sector in China, learn out the short- and medium-term projects of these three Asian companies to try to involve Basque companies in those projects, as well as to drive partnership and joint-venture agreements between Basque and Jiangsu companies. 

The seminar was attended by the Environmental Director for Jiangsu Province, Cao Zhihong, representatives from three Jiangsu companies, Yangzhou Chenglu Environmental Engineering, Nanjing CEC Enviro-Pro and Suzhou Sujing Environmental Engineering and 25 Basque companies.  The Chinese companies expressed interest in working with Basque companies in different areas, from new technologies to treat water, purification, desalination, gas emission control and energy generation from urban and industrial waste.


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