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Committee on transition process from analogue TV to DTTV

2010 May 5

Digital Terrestrial TV coverage in the Basque Country reaches 99.92% of local population, equivalent to 2,170,437 inhabitants

The Basque Government is now considering alternatives for the 1,738 inhabitants living in pockets of shadow zones and who are as yet unable to receive the DTTV even with repeaters installed close by or satellite equipment.

Regional Justice & Public Administrations minister Idoia Mendia expressed her satisfaction today with the work done on Digital Terrestrial TV coverage in the Basque region. At present, DTTV coverage reaches 99.92 per cent of the local population.

Accompanied by Gonzalo Machín, director of Basque government telecommunications company Itelazpi, Mendia appeared today before the Basque Parliament's Institutions, Home Affairs & Justice Committee to describe the recent transition process from analogue TV to DTTV.

Mendia explained that the Basque government had made a "major effort" to spread the signal to the entire region, particularly as the Basque Country, with a number of abrupt mountain regions and valleys, didn't exactly lend itself to easy signal distribution.

Itelazpi director Gonzalo Machín added that coverage had now reached 99,92 per cent of the population, equivalent to 2,170,437 inhabitants. The government hoped to offer alternative solutions for the remaining 1,738 inhabitants (just 0.08 per cent of the population) in the shadow zones.

As Machín pointed out, affected areas were largely in Vizcaya and Guipúzcoa, where caserío farmsteads are scattered over a wide area. The Ministry had specified that households in this kind of situation were to receive special satellite signal receiver equipment, although Machín added that such equipment was "pretty thin on the ground." However, the regional government had said criteria were to be established for setting up repeaters for groups of four farmsteads. Machín added that the Basque government considered it "vital for the signal to reach every single home, because the region had its own broadcasting corporation, ETB."  That was why they were looking into a satellite solution for anyone not picking up the DTTV signal.


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