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The Basque Country to showcase its actions to fight Climate Change at the World Climate Summit in Warsaw

2013 November 15

• Warsaw, Deputy Minister Galera will speak at the meeting of the Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development

• The Basque Country has complied with Kyoto with the two targets to contain emissions under +14% of the baseline and to achieve an absorption rate of over +1%

A delegation of the Basque Government's Ministry for the Environment and Territorial Policy will showcase the main progress achieved in this area in the Basque Country in the last ten years at the World Climate Change Summit being held in Warsaw (Poland). The Basque representation will be led by the Basque Government's Deputy Minister for the Environment, Josean Galera.

The 19th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 19) of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change of the Kyoto Protocol, will be held in the capital of Poland, Warsaw, between the 11 and 22 November. Government delegations, including the Basque Government one, will be attending, along with representatives of trade and industry, environmental organisation, research institutions and the media.

The Basque Country has actively participated in the different COPs organised by the UN. At the current one, the Basque Autonomous Community will showcase the achievements since the implementation of the Basque Climate Change Plan 2008-2012. The Deputy Minister for the Environment will conduct the presentation at the meeting that the Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development (nrg4sd) will hold parallel to the climate summit.

"As of today, the Basque Government has complied in the period set by Kyoto (2008-2012) with the two targets established in the Basque Plan to Fight against Climate Change: to contain emissions under +14% with respect to the baseline year and achieve an absorption rate over +1%. These targets have been achieved in a growth context of GDP of 71% with respect to 1990. The efficiency of the BAC (in terms of emissions per GDP) has increased by 42% since then," stressed Deputy-Minister Galera.

The Director for the Natural Environment and Environmental Planning, Amaia Barredo, will also be part of the Basque delegation at this international meeting. Both will hold multilateral contacts with other European government through the Nrg4sd network and The Climate Group, initiatives where the Basque Country is an active member.

As Deputy Minister Galera pointed out, during the application period of the Basque Plan to Fight against Climate Change, "measures have been implemented to reduce emissions by means of fostering cogeneration, applying efficiency measures in the industry, developing tools to encourage sustainable transport and land use planning. Legislation and grants have been approved for home efficiency, progress has been made in sustainable forestry, fishing and agricultural management, and urban waste management has been improved, both by containing generation and by increasing recycling and improving landfill management".

"We have to add to this the implementation of specific programmes in the administration, such as the green public procurement programme of the Basque Country, the sustainable mobility plans and climate change impact adaptation plans implements in different municipalities. The Basque Country cannot afford to look the other way and we are therefore working on mitigating climate change and on planning strategies to adapt to the effects of climate change that may affect our territory. After the end of the Basque Climate Change Plan, we have embarked on working to define a Basque Climate Change Strategy, with input from the main specialists of the Basque Country in this area," explained Galera.


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    Oso berri ona. Klima aldaketari aurre egitea guztion zeregina da eta nire ustez funtsezkoa da Eusko Jaurlaritza horretan tinko aritzea.

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    2013 November 18

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    Euskadi presentará sus acciones contra el Cambio Climático en la cumbre mundial sobre el clima (Varsovia) vía @Irekia

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    Irekia - Euskadi presentará sus acciones contra el Cambio Climático en la cumbre mundial sobre...

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