The Government refers to Parliament the Schedule of Significant Plans and Actions for this Legislature

2010 April 13

The Schedule includes 48 white papers, 23 government plans and 51 significant actions

At its meeting this morning, the Cabinet of the Basque Government approved the Schedule of Significant Plans and Actions for this Legislature which it is to refer to the Basque Parliament for processing today. The Government spokesperson, Idoia Mendia, emphasised the importance of this schedule which, together with the Legislative Timetable, represents a "new exercise in transparency and the regeneration of democratic principles, as members of the public will be able to find out about, judge and assess the plans of the Government".

The Government refers to Parliament the Schedule of Significant Plans and Actions for this Legislature. Idoia Mendia pointed out that this document is the "clearest demonstration that the Government is carrying out a policy of planned, coherent and coordinated government". She went on to declare that "The Government knows what it wants, has a programme for the 3-year legislature, has set a deadline to carry this out and has established a number of indicators that will allow it to evaluate the efficiency of the plans and actions to be carried out".

The Government Spokesperson was speaking at the customary press conference following the weekly meeting of the Cabinet. In addition to the Schedule of Significant Plans and Actions for this Legislature, a number of other measures were approved. These included plans to increase the creation and maintenance of employment with 100 million euros in aid for companies in strategic sectors and 26 million euros for the Gauzatu Industria programme designed for technology-based innovating SMEs.

The Spokesperson explained that the Schedule is not a "closed document" but will be "adapted in the light of new plans as these arise". She recalled that since the sixth legislature this document had not been presented as a Legislative Schedule and that it represents a "fundamental tool for transparency". She reiterated that "We are bringing back an old custom and we are doing this in the form of a schedule with deadlines and by facilitating its monitoring by opposition groups and by the public".

Egunkaria Case

On the other hand, the Government Spokesperson assured journalists that the sentence that declared the closing of the newspaper Egunkaria as unconstitutional "puts an end to a process which has lasted much longer than one would have wished". Mendia emphasised that "a slow justice system ceases to be just", and considers that this "has caused irreparable damage" for the workers of the newspaper, for the freedom of expression and information and the right to communicate and receive true information.

Mendia, who expressed the "absolute respect" of the Government for this sentence, did not wish to venture an opinion as to whether the accused should not be compensated for damages. She concluded that "The courts must decide whether these people have the right to compensation for the damages they have clearly suffered".

Agreements signed by the Council of Government of Basque country on 2010-04-13

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