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The Lehendakari stresses that Biodonostia research will lead to "better healthcare"

2013 July 17

Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu, the Basque Premier, has highlighted the growth in healthcare research, proof of which is the "Biodonostia" centre. This "innovative and ground-breaking" centre is involved in "scientific activities of excellence with a great impact internationally", in the words of the Lehendakari. Urkullu reiterated his support for a "public and universal" Basque healthcare system and stressed that the R&D&I activities at Biodonostia are "essential" to fulfil that purpose. The Lehendakari went on to explain that there is a correlation between "good care and good research". Proof of the commitment to innovation in healthcare is, according to the Lehendakari, the setting up "for the first time" of a Research and Innovation Division at the Basque Government's Ministry for Health.

This morning, Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu visited Biodonostia, the first Healthcare Research Institute in the Basque Country. The Lehendakari was accompanied by some members of his Government, including its Minister for Health, Jon Darpón, and the Minister for Education, Linguistic Policy and Culture, Cristina Uriarte.

The Lehendakari pointed out that the Basque Country has been working for 30 years now on the "ongoing evolution of the social services", on advances in technologies and industry in order to "offer the best possible services to the citizens," assured Urkullu. According to the Lehendakari, it is now time to work with our sights on the future with strategies that will put the Basque Country on a par with Europe. Urkullu recalled that Biodonostia had been deservedly recognised by Europe in the "Regiostars 2011". At the end of his speech, Lehendakari Urkullu asked the Biodonostia staff to continue working with the values that they are noted for: "training, dissemination and returns to society".


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