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New emergency surgery block inaugurated at Donostia Hospital

2010 March 29

Regional president and regional Health minister Rafael Bengoa attend inauguration

Basque regional president Patxi López today publicly committed to "making ongoing investments" to improve Basque health service Osakidetza, "even in times of crisis." López described such investments as "money well spent on quality of life for our citizens and on competitiveness." López, who was accompanied by regional Health minister Rafael Bengoa, visited the new surgery facility at Donostia hospital, which he described as an "example" of the government's new health policy designed to reorient healthcare attention towards the chronically ill.

Basque regional President Patxi López this morning inaugurated the new surgery facility at Donostia Hospital. The hospital, where some 4,000 emergency surgical operations and around 90,000 general interventions are performed a year, has undergone a major transformation. From now on, emergency and outpatient aid and surgery can be carried out in the right conditions. According to López, the new facility "was a practical demonstration of the Basque government's ongoing commitment to making investments, even in times of crisis." He added that the crisis would not be "a hindrance to major public services", and that the "most basic and necessary social services would continue to improve."

In its fiftieth anniversary year, Donostia hospital inaugurated this morning this modern 1,200-square-metre facility, where 4,000 emergency and 90,000 general operations are performed. Accompanying the regional president at the inauguration was regional Health minister Rafael Bengoa.

After being shown around the facility, López stressed how important it was for public healthcare to reorient its attention towards the chronically ill. The reorientation was necessary because of what he described as the "demographic shift" now affecting the region. Indeed, the chronically ill currently absorbed 80 per cent of healthcare resources and 77 per cent of Osakidetza's expenditure. "We must," he declared, "guarantee society a healthy old age." Besides improving the quality of life enjoyed by people living in the region, enhanced healthcare also boosted a society's "competitiveness." "There's no better investment for any region," he added, "than the investment designed to guarantee or recuperate the health of its citizens."

"Premier League"

López concluded by thanking Osakidetza healthcare professionals for their "involvement", which he described as a "key factor" in the wellbeing of the region's citizens.

Regional Healthcare minister Rafael Bengoa stressed the value of the reorganization of the current health system, as, although the Basque Country was in the "Premier League" in emergency aid services, improvements in organization were still definitely required. Indeed, hospitals in regional capital Vitoria and the province of Vizcaya had already begun to reorganize the "logic" governing emergency treatment.


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