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Delegations from Basque companies will return to Brazil with "specific proposals" for investments

2010 March 24

These are the first positive results of the business mission headed by the Lehendakari

The Basque Government offered an official reception for Basque businessmen and women resident in Brazil, during which an analysis was made of the first results of the business mission headed by the Lehendakari. Lopez announced that the Basque Government has already defined "areas of opportunity" for Basque businesses to explore over the coming years. In fact, a number of delegations from Basque companies will return to Brazil to make "specific investment proposals" in that South American country. The Basque Government will organise visits by Brazilian institutions to the Basque Country in order to get to know those Basque companies that can offer them "integrated solutions" to their development demands.

Just a few hours before his meeting with the Brazilian President, Lula Da Silva, the Lehendakari, Patxi Lopez, had already announced the first positive results of the presence on Brazilian soil of the Basque Government and representatives of more than 125 Basque companies. Lopez announced that, following the return of this business mission to the Basque Country, a number of Basque companies would come back to Brazil in order to place "specific proposals" on the table for "large investments". The Lehendakari emphasised that "we can be better and more competitive than others".

In a hotel in downtown Sao Paulo, the Basque Government offered an official reception for representatives of the Basque business community who had come to Brazil on Monday to seek business opportunities. The Lehendakari, Patxi Lopez, took part in the ceremony together with the Industry Minister, Bernabe Unda, and the director of Foreign Action, Guillermo Etxenike. More than 200 representatives of the business world were also present.

Brazil has become a land of opportunities for Basque companies, eloquent proof of which were the more than 120 companies that formed part of this business mission together with the Basque Government. An intense week of meetings and contacts that have already begun to produce results. The Lehendakari announced that delegations from Basque businesses will return to Brazil with "specific proposals" for "large investments".

The good feeling generated during this trip will also bring Brazil closer to the Basque Country. The Lehendakari reiterated the interest of the Basque Government in converting the Basque Country into the "gateway for Brazilian companies to enter Europe", something that will lead to organised visits to enable Brazilian institutions to get to know those companies that might offer "integrated solutions" to their requirements. Lopez pointed out that,"With one hand I am knocking on the Brazilians' door to ask them to invite us in and with the other hand I am pointing to the open door of the Basque Country so that Brazilian companies can take part in the economy of the Basque Country".

"Country proposal"

During his speech, Lopez thanked those companies that had shown their trust in this business mission, demonstrating that this "is not a trip of the Basque Government", but a "country proposal of Basque economic forces to take part in the Brazilian economy". The Lehendakari remarked that the interest of this trip lies in the fact that both Brazilian and Basque companies can "collaborate and take part in joint projects to increase the well-being and wealth of both countries and their citizens".


  • 2010 March 24

    Estupenda iniciativa. Deseo excelentes resultados, los necesitaremos. Luego: Rusia, India, China, Chile,...
    Lehendakari López, esté urgentemente atento a las maniobras del Sr. Florentino Pérez que de la mano de Aznar y soportado por una futura ley Zapatero puede "robarnos la cartera" como se hizo con BBVA.

  • 2010 March 24

    Inteligente acción en Brasil.Deseo muchos éxitos. Luego Rusia, India, China, Chile,...
    Pero cuidado que el Sr. Florentino Pérez que de la mano de Aznar y bendecido por una propuesta de ley Zapatero nos puede robar la cartera como ya hicieron con BBVA.
    Lehendakari López muerda este asunto y no suelte.

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