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International experts confirm their presence at the leading European Marine Energy Congress to be held in Bilbao

2013 April 4

In April, Bilbao Marine Energy Week will bring together 40 experts and 500 delegates from the leading companies in project and technology development worldwide.

• The Basque Country is leading research into marine energy with projects such as the bimep (Biscay Marine Energy Platform) offshore infrastructure, the Mutriku wave power plant and the development of offshore generation products and technology by companies such as TECNALIA.

From 15 to 19 April, Bilbao Marine Energy Week will consider all aspects related to marine renewable energy and technologies. The event, jointly organised by the Ente Vasco de la Energía (EVE - the Basque Energy Agency), TECNALIA and Bilbao Exhibition Centre, and with IBERDROLA as the main sponsor, will feature different presentations and bilateral meetings, a professional trade fair and two main congress sessions where experts, researchers and directors of technology development companies from around the world will gather.

Alstom, Andritz Hydro Hammerfest, Siemens, Iberdrola, Voith, Oceantec. Vestas, Gamesa and Statoil Dong Energy, to name a few of the leading companies at the event, will provide a total of 40 first-class experts to speak at the Congress. Over 500 delegates from the leading companies in the marine and energy sector are expected at Bilbao Exhibition Centre throughout the week. They will take part in the two days of expert sessions on 17 and 18 April dedicated to offshore wind power and marine energy (waves and currents) respectively. There will be also a professional trade fair where technology companies will showcase their latest products for the marine and energy sector.

The first day of the congress on 17 April will be completely dedicated to showcasing the latest advances and the most cutting-edge projects in the field of marine power. The leading European companies from the sector and government of countries such as the United Kingdom are committed to developing this renewable energy source with great growth potential for the coming decade. Those countries are thus driving an industry which, apart from providing clean energy, also generates new opportunities for growth, wealth and employment over the coming decade.

Xabier Viteri, Director of Renewable Energies at the Iberdrola Group, will outline the company's strategic approach regarding marine energy. Furthermore, representatives of top technology companies (Juan Moya from Gamesa, Daniel Castell from Alstom, Sebastien Hita Perona from Areva Wind, along with Álvaro Matesanz Gil from Vestas), and companies currently involved in cutting-edge projects around the world, including DonG Energy, Crown Estate, Statoil and Principe Power, will showcase their offshore energy projects.

The second day of the Congress will take place on 18 April and seeks to focus on the latest advances in marine energy, mainly as regards marine current and wave energy. The speakers will include experts from technology companies of the ilk of Stein Atle from Andrith Hydro, Kai Koelmel from Siemens, Tobias Keitel from Voith, Pablo Ruiz-Minguela from TECNALIA, Ken Street from Alstom and Hans Van Breugel from Tocardo Tidal Energy. Representatives of the Department for Renewable Energies of the UK Government, of DG Marine and the EU-OEA will also be at the event in BIlbao.

Marine Energies in the Basque Country

The Basque Country has a considerable research network made up of technology centres and companies that are working on different channels to develop marine energy. The bimep (Biscay Marine Energy Platform), a project driven by the Ente Vasco de la Energía is currently being installed and once completed, will have an offshore test area off the port of Armintza connected to shore by underwater cables.

This will enable energy generator appliances to be researched and tested. It will also be a floating platform testing infrastructure for marine wind turbines. Thus, the consortium comprising TECNALIA, Astilleros Murueta, Tamoin, Velatia and Vicinay is developing a floating platform for offshore wind power that will contribute the necessary synergies to assemble wind turbines in conventional shipyards and then tow and install them offshore using the fleet of boats currently in service, which would enable the existing infrastructures to be used and generate new means of growth for that sector that is widely established in the Basque Country.

The Basque Energy Strategy for 2020 envisages developing demonstration projects in floating marine wind power of up to 50 MW of installed power and wave energy of up to 60 MW.

The Basque Country celebrates the Clean Technology Week

in April, the Basque Country will host the Clean Technology Week, during which the Cleantech Forum Europe, the most important clean technology meeting in Europe and connected with world leaders and expanding markets, will be held the alongside Bilbao Marine Energy Week.

This forum, organised by Cleantech Group and Innobasque, will welcome executives, investors, entrepreneurs and international corporations looking for profitability and business opportunities. Furthermore, this year Cleantech Forum Europe will act as a bridge between Europe and Latin America, by dedicating a session to the cleantechs in that zone. Thanks to the synergies between both meetings, participants at Bilbao Marine Energy Week will be able to take advantage of special terms and conditions.

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