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The National Research Centre on Ageing (CNIE) is now a reality endorsed by the Basque Government

2012 September 25

Its goal is to generate scientific knowledge on the causes of ageing and, by extension, of chronicity

The Government Cabinet has approved the CNIE articles of incorporation and its plan of activities

The Basque Government's Cabinet has today approved the articles of incorporation and the Plan of Activities of the National Research Centre on Ageing (CNIE), or in other words, the setting up of a unique centre in the world that will be dedicated to research and the generation of scientific knowledge to address the main causes of ageing, aimed at improving the quality of life of people and their life time without illness. That knowledge will likewise help to prevent, delay and even avoid chronic diseases developing, many of which are closely linked to old age.

The increase in life expectancy of people, and also in chronic diseases, is having a significant economic and social impact worldwide and in particular in a society such as the Basque one, which has one of the oldest populations in the world. It is therefore essential to come up with tools to tackle this situation as best as possible.

The CNIE and its team of first-rate scientists will work in the field of molecular cellular ageing, genetic research and the creation of products, technologies and services for the healthcare market and which are also efficient options for individual use.

It is designed as an outreach research centre, so that its own activities will be complemented by agreements with other leading Research Centres, both in Spain and abroad.

The Centre is located in the Miramón Technology Park in Donostia, in a provisional centre until its permanent premises are ready in 2015.

The main sources of funding for the Centre will be the ERDF European funds for regional development and the Basque Government's Innovation Fund. The centre will further boost the generating of highly-qualified jobs and the overall development of the stakeholders related to health R&D&I in the Basque Country.

Agreements signed by the Council of Government of Basque country on 2012-09-25

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