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In Barcelona, the Lehendakari sets out the achievements of the Basque Government

2010 February 22

Patxi Lopez reaffirmed his determination "to negotiate and reach agreements" both with the PP and with the PNV in order to build a country "with the cooperation of everyone involved"

The Lehendakari was taking part in a conference organised by the La Caixa Savings Bank during which he explained some of the proposals made by the Basque Government for this legislature. He highlighted the work being done to encourage companies to create employment so as to help the Basque Country out of the economic crisis.

The Lehendakari, Patxi Lopez, confirmed today that the Basque Government has established the bases for "a new form of government". For this reason he "offered his collaboration to reach agreements and negotiate" with the Partido Popular and the Partido Nacionalista Vasco in order to "build a country with the cooperation of everyone involved".

The Lehendakari was taking part in a conference organised by La Caixa Savings Bank in Barcelona, attended by a large number of Catalonian businessmen and women. In his speech, Patxi Lopez declared that the worst of the crisis "was now over", although he admitted that the Basque Country will really not see an end to the crisis until "we are able to create employment". He recalled that in order to deal with the crisis, the Basque government had adopted three lines of "simultaneous and complementary actions: to seek social dialogue, resist the effects of the crisis and be competitive".

During the conference in Barcelona, the Lehendakari also highlighted the work of the Basque Government in "discrediting terrorism" in order to put an end to ETA and those who support the organisation. He declared, "We will build a society liberated from terrorism in which our citizens are free" and expressed his support for a Basque Country "in which persons of different ideologies can live in peaceful coexistence". He added that today in the Basque Country "those who support terrorism are very much alone, isolated, and we have recovered spaces in which our citizens can live in freedom".

A sustainable social model

The Lehendakari argued in favour of "rethinking the sustainability model of our societies" and to do this he supported the idea of creating a new social contract in which co-responsibility is the integrating factor of the new model of sustainability. As an example, Patxi Lopez described the changes being made in the model of public services, including, among others, the health system. The aim is to adapt this to new demographic requirements in which patients play an active part in their care through the use of telemonitoring technologies in their own homes.


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