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Signature of a Framework Agreement for Collaboration in the areas of Training, Research, Technology and Applications between the Department of health and Consumer affairs and Mondragon Corporacion

2010 February 22


The Department of Health and Consumer Affairs and MONDRAGON Corporacion have signed a framework agreement for collaboration in the strategic areas of training, research, technology and applications in the area of health. This is the first time that the Health Department has co-operated with this, the largest Basque Industrial Corporation, and is an indication of its determination to contribute with its strategic and technological capacity to the generation of wealth, employment and development for the country. It also establishes the guidelines for the use by the Basque Health Department of the knowledge and experience of this industrial Corporation in order to improve the quality and excellence of its health care system, as well as the products and services provided to the public. The Minister, Rafael Bengoa, in representation of the Department of Health and Consumer Affairs, Osakidetza and the Basque Health Innovation and Research Foundation and Jose Maria Aldecoa, President of MONDRAGON Corporación, its University and Technology Centres, highlighted the importance of this agreement. Through their different platforms, both entities seek to demonstrate the strength of public-private alliances to guarantee the sustainability of our socio-economic system and to attain the objectives they have set in order to increase their efficiency and capacity for innovation. As Minister Bengoa pointed out, the Health system accounts for a third of the total budget of the Basque Country and is a supplier of evermore sophisticated services, and is performing increasingly qualified and recognised research, to attend to growing health demands in a sustainable manner. "Our challenges represent opportunities for our industrial and business sector and for that reason the Health system will cease to be seen merely as an expense and will become a generator of wealth and employment in our economic system. Agreements such as the one we have signed today are living proof of the fact that we are moving in that direction."

In this way, the Department of Health and Consumer Affairs and MONDRAGON Corporación have established a collaboration framework between the public health sector and the private business sector, the aim of which is to pool efforts and know-how in order to secure improvements in the public health care and, at the same time, to favour the development of business and innovation. The aim of this agreement is to develop projects that will have a beneficial effect on the health of our citizens and on the creation of employment through the development of products and services in the area of health.

The agreement defines a formal framework of collaboration between both institutions, articulating working mechanisms for the presentation and possible execution of specific projects to enable the creation, exchange and transfer of know-how between the health and business sectors. In order to fulfil these objectives, a Strategic Commission is created, represented by the top management of the different platforms that are taking part in the agreement and which will be formed by:

- Olga Rivera Hernaez, Deputy Minister for Health Quality, Research and Innovation.

- Julian Perez Gil, Managing Director of Osakidetza

- Carmen Garaizar, Director of the Basque Foundation for Health Innovation and Research.

- Jose Asua Batarrita, Director of Knowledge Management of the Department of Health and Consumer Affairs.

- Vicente Atxa Uribe, Dean of the Engineering School of MONDRAGON Unibersitatea.

- Iñaki Larrañaga Altuna, Innovation and Technology Director of MONDRAGON Corporación.

- Javier Valls García, Director of the Promotion Centre of MONDRAGÓN Corporación.

- Mikel Álvarez Yeregui, Director of MONDRAGON Health.

This Strategic Commission will be responsible for developing these strategic priorities and evaluating any projects to be developed through the initiatives of the parties, as well as the way in which these are to be materialised. Additionally, the Plenary Committee shall include the Minister, Rafael Bengoa; the Deputy Minister of Health, Jesus Maria Fernandez, and in representation of MONDRAGON Corporacion, its President Jose Maria Aldecoa and Javier Sotil, Vice President for Innovation, Promotion and Knowledge. The Agreement shall have a duration of three years and shall be extended tacitly for further annual periods. Following the signing of the Agreement, the first meeting of the Plenary Committee shall be held in order to decide upon the priority activities for this year.


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