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Basque Technology Parks showcase their successful management model in Estonia

2012 June 20

- They are taking part in the 29th World Conference on Technology Parks, entitled "Science and Technology Parks: Serving the Companies and the Innovation Community", concludes today.

- Discussions were held with the ISAP to finalise the details of the International Conference on Parks which will be held at the Álava Technology Park in October.

The International Association of Science and Technology Parks (IASP) is holding its 28th World Conference in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, from 17 to 20 June, where the Basque Technology Parks are represented. Directors of the San Sebastián and Álava Technology Parks, Estefanía Morcillo and José Manuel Nogales, respectively, and the Director of the Bizkaia Technology and Science Park, Marian Ibarrondo, have travelled to Tallinn with two objectives: on the one hand, to present the development model of the Basque technology parks as one of the sessions on the programme; and on the other hand, to hold a meeting with the international association to finalise the details of the Workshop that the ISAP will hold in the Álava Technology Park, as part of the APTE International Conference, in October. The Green Economy will be the main theme of the workshop.

The 29th IASP World Conference has brought together experts from the Technology and Science Parks, the academic world, public sector and business to discuss and debate in depth the trends in the Parks as increasingly complex structures for professional innovation support. The future of the management, development and services of the parks is one of the key themes in the different sections of the programme, whose slogan is "Science and Technology Parks: Serving the Companies and the Innovation Community".

IASP, the International Association of Science Parks, is a network that connects Science and Technology Parks from across the globe. It currently has 390 members from 70 countries, including the Technology Park Network of the Basque Country and the four parks that make it up.


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