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The Basque Country and Wales to study sharing community-funded sustainable development projects

2012 June 18

The Basque Country and Wales are going to study the possibility of working together on community-funded projects related to sustainable development in areas such as the economy and green employment, whicht may be of interest to both communities.

The Basque Government's Minister for the Environment, Land Planning, Agriculture and Fisheries, Pilar Unzalu, and the Ihobe General Manager, Fernando Barrenechea, held a meeting with the Welsh Environment Minister, John Griffiths, to discuss the environmental policies of both countries.

At the proposal of Minister Pilar Unzalu, the Basque Country and Wales have agreed to study the way of working together "to give joint impetus to European-funded projects related to sustainable development in general and also to sectoral initiatives such as mobility, sustainable building, economic and green jobs or to citizen participation itself.

The Welsh minister, who is working on a Sustainable Development Act, expressed his interest in the participative process leading up to the Basque Sustainable Development Strategy - EcoEuskadi 2020, which involved 5,000 people from all spheres of activity.

Pilar Unzalu told the Welsh delegation that EcoEuskadi 2020 is a "bottom up" strategy with indicator to verify its degree of compliance. She likewise stressed the participation of all the institutions and business sectors in the designing of this nationwide strategy about Griffiths enquired.

The Minister is leading the Basque delegation attending the summit on sustainable development being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Politicians attending the event
  • Pilar Unzalu
    Consejera de Medio Ambiente, Planificación Territorial, Agricultura y Pesca (IX term)