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Latin American experts visit the Basque Country to learn about the Euro region

2012 May 9

A delegation of experts and politicians from the Brazil-Argentina-Paraguay and Brazil-Uruguay Latin American border region is visiting the Basque Country from today to learn about the Aquitaine-Basque Country Euro-Region, as part of the European Commission "European Union-Latin American Collaboration on Cross-border Cooperation in the framework of Regional Policy" project.

The visit will end next Friday and is part of a study by the European Parliament to incorporate EU Regional Policy as part of cooperation with third party countries, where a road map is also set out for cross-border cooperation in Latin America, in close collaboration with the EU and other European partners. The visit has been organised in cooperation with the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) and funded by the European Commission's Directorate General for Regional Policy.

The aim is to exchange information and good practices about the Basque experience in cross-border cooperation. The Latin American experts are therefore going to visit different European cross-border cooperation projects.Specifically, the delegation will see for itself in the Basque Country the cross-border cooperation programmes that are being carried out in the framework of the Aquitaine-Basque Country Euro-regions, in fields such as technological innovation, the university, transport and the funding cooperation. The expert group will also have the opportunity to learn about other cross-border cooperation projects at provincial level in Gipuzkoa and locally at Txingudi, along with different cross-border economic initiatives underway in the Basque Country.

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