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Brazil interested in Basque management of technology parks and smart grids

2012 May 2

• The Basque Government's Ministry for Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism, through the SPRI, will sign an agreement during the visit to the Basque Country by the Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Higher Education of the State of Paraná, located in southern Brazil.
• Between now and Friday, the Brazilian delegation will be shown the Basque development of technology parks and smart grids.

The interest shown by the Brazilian state of Paraná in the outstanding track record of the Basque Government in managing technology parks and the development of smart grids has provided an opportunity for the Basque Country to export its "know how" to a region strategically located in the centre of Mercosur (Common Market of the South), which includes all the countries of Latin America and one of the zones with the greatest potential to generate electricity and for technology development in Brazil. The Basque Government's Ministry for Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism, through the SPRI (Competitive Transformation Company), will sign an agreement with the Technology Institue (TECPAR) during the visit to the Basque Country by the Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Higher Education of the State of Paraná.

Between now and Friday, a delegation from the State of Paraná (Brazil), led by the aforementioned Secretary of State, Alipio Santos Leal Neto, and a further two representatives of the Technology Institute and the region's smart grid project, respectively, will visit the Basque Country in order to learn about the Basque experience in developing technology parks and smart grids, and will use their stay to enter into verbal and formal partnership agreements through SPRI.

The Paraná representatives will discover how the SPRI, Basque Energy Board (EVE), the Basque Country Technology Park Networks and the Bizkaia Technology and Scientific Park, in Zamudio, are run and will fundamentally obtain the necessary first-hand information on how the technology parks and the Basque smart grid project (Bidelek) are managed. In the case of the latter, they will meet with representatives from the public corporations and private companies involved in the project (Iberdrola, Arteche, Ingeteam, ZIV, Ormazabal), along with research and technology centres, such as Tecnalia and IK4.


BIDELEK SAREAK, a company jointly founded by Iberdrola Distribución Eléctrica, S.A.U. and the Department for Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism, through the Basque Energy Board (EVE) to deploy smart grids in Bilbao and Portugalete, was recently awarded the first orders for this project, which will reduce the incidents in supply and mean savings for the consumer, who will also be able to access the details of the energy they have consumed in real time .

On 22 December 2010, the Partnership Protocol was signed between Iberdrola and the Basque Governemnt where they undertook to design and implement smart grids in Bilbao and Portugalete. Subsequently, in February 2011, Lehendakari Patxi López, the Basque Premier, and the Iberdrola CEO, Ignacio Galán, presided the signing of the partners agreement between Iberdrola and the EVE to set up BIDELEK SAREAK, the company that would make the investments to implement those smart grids.

The BIDELEK involves a joint investment of 60 million euros over the coming three years and will be deployed in Bilbao and in Portugalete. It will involve adapting practically 1,100 transformation centres, where state-of-the-art electronic equipment will be fitted, and replacing over 230,000 metres that serve 410,000 inhabitants. It will also implement a rural advanced automation plan in the Lea-Artibai region by modernising the sub-stations.

Converting a grid into a smart one consists of incorporating digital technologies and cutting-edge communication systems into the different elements of the grid (meters, transformation centres, electricity sub-stations), which provides accurate, detailed information and in real time on consumption, network loads and any incidents (.

Paraná and Mercosur

Paraná, with a surface area of nearly 200,000 km2, less than half of Spain, and a population of 10 million inhabitants, is one of the 26 Brazilian state and is located in the south of country, on the frontier of Argentina and Paraguay. Geographically speakig, it is in the centre of the Common Market of the South (Mercosur).

The Common Market of the South (Mercosur) is a sub-regional block made up of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, and Uruguay and Venezuela are about to join. Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador are associate countries and Mexico is an observer


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