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BC Hydro, the Canadian electricity company, interested in the Itelazpi TETRA system

2012 April 27

Adam French, the Vice-President for Technology and Security at BC Hydro, the third electricity company of Canada, visited Itelazpi to learn about the TETRA network that the public corporation manages in the Basque Country. During the visit to the facilities, French asked about the service model and network characteristics, which has been up and running since the end of 2008 and which serves the whole public administration in the Basque Country.

BC Hydro has recently signed an important TETRA service and supply contract with Powertrunk Inc. (a subsidy of Teltronic S.A.U in North America) to supply the TETRA radio infrastructure along with the terminals, thus improving the security of their communications in the Vancouver region. It is the first TETRA network to come into operations on the North-American market.

The managers of this service in Itelazpi showed the control and management central systems of the TETRA network to BC Hydro representatives and they also exchanged their experience in deploying the network, and went over the different services and cutting-edge applications (both voice and data) that the Basque company offers.
BC Hydro, the third electricity company in Canada, operates and runs an electricity network that serves over 1.8 million customers in an area of around 925,000 km2, which includes over 95% of the population of the province of British Columbia.

To ensure efficient execution of their tasks, they require a secure and robust communications system between all the substations, reservoirs and generation stations, as well as throughout the grid and transmission lines.

Evening though its main requirement is voice, BC Hydro will also use the TETRA mobile communication system for data applications.


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