The Basque Government unveils its Sustainable Building Roadmap in Brussels

2012 April 25

The Basque Government's Director of Housing, Ignacio de la Puerta, took part in the "Implementation of European Directives Relating to Sustainable Building: Regional Experiences and Lessons Learnt" session held in Brussels on 25 April.

This debate, organised by the EU for the ERRIN network at the Basque Country Delegation, as part of the programme of activities of the Network Energy Working Group, was attended by leading regional stakeholders and a panel of experts from European institutions and other international organisations. In total, the session attracted over sixty participants. The session was moderated by Marta Marín, the Basque Country Delegate to the European Union.

The aim of the event was to exchange experiences regarding the design, implementation and outcome of regional initiatives to implement the European Sustainable Building Directive with emphasis on the challenges and obstacles facing those governments.

The ERRIN regions submitted examples of specific actions developed in this field in their respective territories. With respect to the Basque Country, Ignacio de la Puerta gave a presentation of the Sustainable Building Roadmap, which encompasses the Basque experience to advance towards a new building model, use and management of the housing stock.

Headed by the Housing Department, this initiative is the outcome of a coordinated action of the Basque Government, its public corporations, along with the clusters involved, and seeks to align housing, innovation, employment, energy and environmental policies with current and future European policies. It therefore establishes performance commitments and a schedule of measures to achieve them, both with regard to new build and refurbishing.

Ignacio de la Puerta stressed the importance of the sustainable building to contribute to the transformation and reactivation of the construction sector, driving the generation of new capacities and the development of new technology in this sphere. He also stressed the lessons learnt when preparing this roadmap and set out a series of proposals to implement European policies.
The Basque Country Delegate to the European Union, Marta Marín, stressed the commitment of regional governments to sustainable building and highlighted the importance of working together in this sector that accounts for 36% of the total energy consumed.

The event, held at the Basque Government's Delegation, is the first of a series of encounters held this year in Brussels, lead by the Housing Department in conjunction with the ERRIN network. Its fundamental purpose is to explain the key role of the regional level in sustainable building, thus disseminating the important work of the ERRIN regions in this area.

The ERRIN network, an example of good practices of research and innovation in the regions

ERRIN, the European Regions Research and Innovation Network, is a dynamic network of more than 90 EU regions.. Its main purpose is to facilitate knowledge exchange, joint action and project partnerships with the aim of strengthening the research and innovation capacities of its regions and enhance their success in EU programmes.
ERRIN also aspires to influence EU policies in order to make them respond better to the needs of European regions. To this end, it engages in debate with EU institutions and is a key stakeholder.

Right from the start, the network has achieved major milestones on the path to its fundamental objectives. These successes are a sound base on which to further consolidate the role of the regional governments, fundamental and responsible partners of the international agenda for research and innovation. Based on the achievements by the network, the Basque Country has the opportunity to consolidate its training and technical know-how and knowledge exchange activities.

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Politicians attending the event
(IX term 2009 - 2012)
Other guests
  • Ignacio de la Puerta, Director de Vivienda del Gobierno Vasco- Marta Marín, Delegada de Euskadi para la Unión Europea