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Josu Erkoreka Gervasio

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Other positions in recent legislatures:  
First Vicepresident of the Basque Government and Minister of Security (Security) from 2020-09-08 to 2024-06-24
Minister of Public Governance and Self-Government and Government Spokesperson (Public Governance and Self-Government) from 2016-11-26 to 2020-09-07
Minister of Public Administration and Justice and Government Spokesperson (Public Administration and Justice) from 2012-12-15 to 2016-11-26

One of the main commitments of the Basque Government for this 12th Legislature is the completion of the Gernika Statute. For the first time in history, the Spanish Government has formally recognised the Basque Country’s historical debt and a public and formal commitment to hand us over more than thirty outstanding powers. I will be working with all the departments involved in this work to ensure that this negotiation results in recognised self-governance becoming fully realised.

The Basque Country also entrusted me with managing an exciting portfolio: Safety. My highly professional team of experts will allow us to boost the new model of comprehensive public security. We have actually already planned a strategic planning and a regulatory programme that we will be rolling out during this Legislature to achieve the necessary transformation of the Basque public security system involving technological-digital transformation, rejuvenation and generational replacement of the workforce, coordination and integration of systems between institutions, etc.

One thing that has become obvious from the Covid-19 global health crisis is the need for a strong and fully coordinated public security system among all institutions to protect ourselves and to face any threats, whether new or known.

A clear example has been the 2020 Basque elections. The pandemic has taught us how this can affect one of the key essences of democracy, the reason why I am personally committed to performing an in-depth analysis of the legal changes necessary in electoral matters to move toward secure virtual voting formulas.

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Telephone 945018751

Donostia-San Sebastián, 1 - LAKUA
01010, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Araba/Álava

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