Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs

What we do

The following are our roles and areas of action: promoting the Basque Country as a safe destination, consolidating the image of quality, diversity and wealth of our resources. Promoting trade by promoting the sector’s professional development, digitisation and streamlining, as well as its adaptation to new consumer habits. And working on the protection of consumers and users, by promoting good business practices, raising awareness among consumers of responsible consumption and ongoing training and information. This will foster a more mature and conscious society with tools for defending its rights.

Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs - 9 politicians
Javier Hurtado Domínguez
Minister of Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs
Jesús María García de Cos
Viceconsejero de Turismo y Comercio
Aroa Jilete González
Directora de Gabinete y Comunicación
María Ángeles Alonso Prieto
Directora de Servicios
Gregorio José Zurro Tobajas
Director de Turismo y Hostelería
Elena Moreno Zaldibar
Directora de Comercio
Daniel Solana Alonso
Director General de Basquetour-Agencia Vasca de Turismo
María Olga Santamaria Navaridas
Directora de Kontsumobide - Instituto Vasco de Consumo
Silvia Colmenero Salgado
Responsable de Prensa y Comunicación