Territorial Planning, Housing and Transport

What we do

The roles of our Department includ promoting a balanced and sustainable planning of our territory in terms of territorial planning, as well as promoting urban regeneration.

In terms of housing, facilitating access to decent and proper housing for rent to the public and social sectors who cannot obtain it by their own means, by expanding the public housing park and activating those who are unemployed; promoting the rehabilitation and conservation of historic monuments, and promoting the quality and sustainability of the building, as well as universal accessibility. The public companies Alokabiya and Visesa assisted us with this task.

And in the area of transport and infrastructure, this involves planning land, sea, river and cable transport, as well as public mobility, freight transport and logistics, and road and rail infrastructure. We worked alongside public entity Euskal Trenbide Sarea-Red Ferroviaria Vasca and the public company Eusko Trenbideak-Ferrocarriles Vascos to manage this.

Territorial Planning, Housing and Transport - 14 politicians (In hierarchical order)
Iñaki Arriola López
Consejero de Planificación Territorial, Vivienda y Transportes
Miguel de los Toyos Nazabal
Viceconsejero de Planificación Territorial y Agenda Urbana
Pedro Javier Jauregui Fernández
Vice-minister of Housing
Luis Pedro Marco de la Peña
Viceconsejero de Infraestructuras y Transportes
Photo Esteban Elola Irulegui
Esteban Elola Irulegui
Director de Gabinete
Paloma Usatorre Mingo
Directora de Servicios
Ignacio de la Puerta Rueda
Director de Planificación Territorial y Agenda Urbana
Pablo García Astrain
Director de Vivienda, Suelo y Arquitectura
Mario José Yoldi Domínguez
Director de Planificación y Procesos Operativos de Vivienda
Sara Barreal Jiménez
Directora de Planificación del Transporte
Dolores de Juan de Miguel
Directora de Infraestructuras del Transporte
Carlos Quindós Fernández
Director General de Visesa
Patricia Val Hevia
Directora General de Alokabide
Ernesto Martínez de Cabredo Arrieta
Director General ETS - Red Ferroviaria Vasca